Pretty Green Introduces - The Virginmarys

7 Feb 2013

Pretty Green Introduces hosted The Virginmarys in our Manchester store last week for the launch of their debut album "King of Conflict".

Formed in 2007, the band consists of Ally Dickaty (vocals/guitar), Matt Rose (bass/backing vocals) and Danny Dolan (drums) and have been going from strength to strength.

We took some time out to chat with Ally to find out a little bit more about the band:

PG: How would you describe your musical style?

Ally: “It’s rock ‘n’ roll really, honest and intense, energetic.”

PG: Who’s influenced you to take that direction?

Ally: “We listened to a lot of Nirvana growing up and we obviously like Oasis. You know, Definitely Maybe, it was a huge album when it came out and we all got influenced by the likes of that.”

PG: So would you say Manchester has been an inspiration for you musically?

Ally: “It has been yeah, certain bands that have come from Manchester definitely.”

PG: What do you love most about Manchester?

Ally: “Errm I don’t know, it’s just what you know isn’t… probably United."

PG: You have a busy couple of months coming up touring around the UK and then you're heading over to the US, where are you most excited to be performing?

Ally: “Well at the minute it’s going to be the US, I guess. We’re going to the South by Southwest Festival® in Texas. It’s amazing to play around the UK but, you know, we’ve hammered it for the past few years so it’s going to be quality to get over to the US and tour round."

PG: How did the opportunity come about to play over in the US?

Ally: “Well we got signed to a label over there as well as over here so they’re kind of taking us out there and we're going to do a coast-to-coast tour."

PG: If you could play any venue in the world, where it would be?

Ally: “We played this Paris Olympia place that was amazing with Skunk Anansie and I’ve always got amazing memories so probably there again, headline it."

PG: What’s the one essential item you must have when you’re on the road?

Ally: “Probably cigarettes."

PG: If you could grab a pint with anybody who would it be?

Ally: “I think it would be Leonard Cohen."

PG: Your debut album ‘King Of Conflict’ has been released, what can we expect?

Ally: “A lot of intense bitter love songs, you know, a lot of energy and grit."

PG: What’s your favourite track from the album?

Ally: “My favourite track is called 'Dressed To Kill'."

You can listen to The Virginmarys performing Ally's favourite track 'Dressed To Kill' in the video above.

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