5 Ways To Choose A Suit: Classic Tailoring

27 Oct 2014

The right suit is a defining feature of a man’s wardrobe. The suit has the power to flatter and to elevate your image, it commands attention and it is the ultimate statement of masculinity. Your taste is reflected through the suits you wear, from the all over patterned suit to the tonal check, right down to the classic black tie or timeless navy suit, it’s all about matching your personal style with a sense of occasion.

Then there’s the finer detail to consider. Double breasted or single breasted? High or low yarn count?

We believe there are 5 simple things to consider when buying a suit, here’s your starting point:

1. Purpose
What is the purpose of buying the suit…
Is it a functional suit for day to day use? In which case a more durable cloth is recommended, crafted from a lower yarn count that will last longer.
Is it a suit for a special occasion? In which case a higher quality cloth can be appropriate with a higher yarn count. Usually the higher the yarn count, the more delicate the cloth is.

2. Fit
The fit of the suit is important, concentrate on all the aesthetics of the suit. The shoulders and chest fit are important whilst maintaining the balance and placement of seams to ensure the suit flatters the body all over.
Sleeve width, length and trouser hem can easily be altered at a later date.

3. Colour
The colour, this tends to go hand in hand with the purpose of the suit, for a more formal aesthetic, dark navy, charcoal grey and black tend to work best. Wear lighter colours in the summer in linen, silk or cotton and choose deeper tones in the winter in a wool blend.

4. Cloth
The cloth design of the suit can dictate the purpose of the suit, a shadow check suit is a good medium for those who like to wear a slightly bolder design. The cloth weight of a suit can restrict when the consumer can wear the suit, during the colder months, a weight of around 280 grams upward is most appropriate.

5. Composition
Cloth composition of a suit is hugely important.
A mohair/wool mix gives a nice balance as its maintains the structure of clean lines through the blend of yarns. However the wool stops the suit from being too crisp, and harsh against the skin. In the colder seasons a cashmere or merino and virgin wool mix will keep out the cold.

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