Mick Rock Launch

6 Nov 2014

We had the pleasure of working with the legendary Rock and Roll photographer Mick Rock on a range of limited edition T-shirts developed from Mick’s iconic photographs of David Bowie.

The photos we used for ‘Mick Rock: Iconic Photos of David Bowie” are taken from 1973 and are a mixture of performance images and those taken from the saxophone shoot which was done for the ‘Pin Ups’ album. At the time Bowie’s experimentation with makeup and bizarre outfits were risk taking to the point of shocking and he inspired a generation of rebels.


"This design is basically the art that I produced in early 1990. Based on an image from the now classic saxophone session. The artwork was inspired by the famous Andy Warhol multiple overlapping Elvis Presley holding a gun art piece, always one of my favourite Warhols."


“The photo was taken during one of the last shows of David's first ever US Tour in December 1972. It is also featured in the live footage sections of the music video for 'Jean Genie" (which I directed!). It's one of my fave Ziggy jackets. I never knew who designed it. During the 21 months that I shot him as Ziggy Stardust from early March 1972 at Birmingham Town Hall to late October 1973 during his Midnight Special '1980 Floor Show', he wore 74 different outfits by my estimation.”


"The original shot was taken on the very last Ziggy Stardust tour. UK, June 1973. The costume was made by his favourite Japanese costume designer Kansai Yamamoto. It looks like there are tears running down his right cheek on the original photo, although it's hard to determine here because of the repeat effect on the tee design. In reality, it's sweat! In the late 80's I started to play around with some of my photos, and put the original into a sepia line effect. The design of this tee is based on the photo art."


“The shot is from the saxophone session that I produced, images for the back cover and inside sleeve of the 'Pinups’ album package, shot in August 1973. I was also the art director of the package. The saxophone was significant for David, because it was his first instrument. His mother bought him one when he was 13.”


“The art for this is based on a photo of mine taken in the UK in the summer of 1973. Again, the costume was designed by Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto. There is a lot of Japanese printed writing on the costume. None of us, including David, knew what it said. But many years later we found out that part of the writing on it actually says 'David Bowie'”

Mick also shot the campaign for the collaboration in New York featuring model Jamie Burke in various Manhattan locations.