Behind The Scenes: The Desert Boot

11 Mar 2014

Our classic Desert Boot is handmade from a super soft Mossback Suede and natural Crepe sole, with a toe shape carefully re-worked to Liam's specifications. This boot is unique, and truly Pretty Green.

Each shoe is hand crafted by skilled men and women and on average every single Desert Boot passes through more than 25 separate processes taking 7 hours to complete.

Take a sneak peak behind the scenes at how these shoes are carefully put together.

Available in Black, Brown, Bone and Navy.

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The construction is known as “Stitchdown” this method of shoe making has been used for close to 100 years.

First the uppers (the suede top) are cut and stitched together.

The last (the solid foot like shape that gives the boot its distinctive look) is placed inside.

The insole board is placed underneath the last which gives a real feel for how the final product will look. The board is then stitched to the upper by means of a huge industrial sewing machine.

The soles are all cut to the correct size with a few mm extra spare to ensure they fill the base of the board.

Once the sole is glued and in pressed in place any “overspill” of the sole is then ground away to reveal the perfect desert boot.

After a brush down and a little TLC the distinctive Pretty Green floret is carefully placed on the right foot and laces added.

Then it’s packed up ready to go.