Northern Soul: Brian Cannon Interview

8 Oct 2015

‘It’s a wonderful thing to photograph, because its an amazing scene, it really is. People are so passionate and dedicated and these people are obsessive, they go week in week out.’

Our AW15 “Northern Soul” campaign was shot by renowned rock and roll photographer Brian Cannon. Brian has worked with some of the biggest names in Britpop, his work showing innovation with many pieces featuring complex sets and designs created without the use of digital manipulation or photoshop.

In recent years Brian has travelled extensively across the country visiting Northern Soul nights and capturing the mood and atmosphere through his lens. Brian’s unique photography style has enabled him to show the movement, speed and energy of Northern Soul in a still photograph.

‘Doing still shots and still having movement in them is very difficult to do. This effect in the Pretty Green campaign was achieved by flash but there’s a lightbulb on in the room. So the flash goes off and freezes it but he’s moving around still, dancing. The shutter is open for two seconds and the lightbulb illuminating him peaks off different points and gives a movement effect. A lot of people think that this is done in photoshop but it’s not.’