Black Label Prints | The Making Of

4 Nov 2015
This seasons Black Label collection takes inspiration from the way musicians fire off each other to strive for richer more imaginative sounds. In particular the rivalry in the mid 60's between The Beatles and The Beach Boys.

The collection is tied together with a collection of unique hand developed prints featuring throughout the collection on shirts, tailoring and jersey pieces.

The ‘Wild Honey’ print design was hand-drawn and developed in house especially for Black Label. Inspiration for the print has been directly influenced from The Beach Boys, album of the same name in a stripped back, monochrome print which has been hand-drawn by our resident artist.

Another signature print within the collection is the Wilson print. This print was inspired by the iconic shirt worn by Brian Wilson in 1967, which was then developed into a brown and black tonal colourway. The print can be seen on shirts and jersey pieces within the collection.

The Beatles first arrived in the U.S wearing the iconic, clean tailoring and matching suits. This look soon began to adapt, adding in colour and prints inspired by the laid back look of the surf dudes of California and The Beach Boys. The key pieces for Black Label this season take these influences combining floral pattern and textured fabrics with British military styles and MOD tailoring.