My Story: Dave Kelly

10 Apr 2015

“You can't just be a mod. It has to be in you, a part of you, it comes from your soul. It's a belief and way of life which just comes to you, it's not something you should need to try hard at. If you find yourself doing that you might as well jump back on your scooter and head home.

I'm 33 now and knew from the ripe old age of 13 that the mod scene was for me. I used to be fascinated by my parents stories from their mod days and from an early age I was lucky enough to be introduced to the music of The Who, The Kinks and The Jam to name a few.

The music these bands made was just incredible and it's the type of music that to this day reminds me of who I am and why I am a mod. Of course when Oasis came on the scene, they really changed my life and although they weren't strictly a mod band, they had that sense of - we are here, we are free, and we'll do what we want, which the mod culture has always stood for.

The fashion is something that I have always been obsessed with and I still can't believe how fantastic it is that pretty green has came along and given us timeless pieces of clothing that stand out at the same time as looking as stylish as the mods of the 60's. It's been a god send to guys like me. The parka, whatever style you choose, is a staple and must be worn as a badge of honour. It's important to wear the threads and let people know that we, the mods, are still here and crashing on - ALWAYS IN IT, ALWAYS ON IT, ALWAYS WANT IT.

Keep the faith!”

By Dave Kelly