My Story: Robert Doran

22 Apr 2015

“Was I on the beaches battling for my teenage identity in the ‘60’s? No. Am I an up and coming, young pup wannabe “Face”? No.

What I am is a soon-to-be 38 year old father of three young children. What separates me from most of my peers is that I want what I feel I am owed…What I deserve.

Mod, to me is to strive to better one-self without forgetting your roots, where you come from, never betraying your principles – and doing it with a swagger and a glint in your eye. The clothes, the music, the attitude all amalgamate together to create a code to live one’s life by.

With a few notable exceptions, musicians simply looked cooler in the ‘60’s. Steve Marriott and Brian Jones in particular always were immaculately dressed. These people never needed stylists – they instinctively knew what worked for them – they were “Cool” personified. In a world of bland, soulless, disposable fashion Mod style has always stood the test of time and exemplifies style. There is nothing that screams class than a tastily-cut Whistle, that iconic G9 Harrington or that M-51 Parka. Who needs trends when you have a lifestyle?

I hope that as my children grow up they too will be lucky enough to forge an identity around a movement that means as much to them as Mod does to me. There’s nothing like the feeling of belonging to something with substance.
Now, enough of me banging on….Let me listen to “Tin Soldier”.”

By Robert Doran