My Story: Lewis Scorey

27 Apr 2015

“I am a younger person representing the next generation. I adopt a forward thinking aspect of Mod Culture, putting my own take on the ideology. Being in a recognisable subculture, almost a sense of belonging. I love turning heads and people giving compliments.

Being noticed being appreciated for who you are and what you are into as well. I love it at the moment. The diversity and choices of clothes, brands, music and well, everything right now is so class!

Music is massive. It is a whole experience watching and listening to a band and wanting to dress like them and understand their lyrics. I have always wanted to be different and to stand out! Guess I like being centre of attention ha ha. I am unique, up front, in your face, straight talking and quite un-stereotypical. I like to think that I have a look and an eye for detail that makes me stand out from the crowd.”

By Lewis Scorey