My Story: Dean Struth

30 May 2015

“I would go for the mod look as my dad was a mod.

As a child and i used to look at his pictures of him with his hair cut neat on his lambretta scooter when he was younger. And his pictures of him an his friends in the liverpool riots and the coal mining marchers with my mum who he dragged along.

Aswell as the away days on the terraces supporting everton either home or away listening to his storys of how your clothes had to be right and the style had to be mod. and him telling me that scousers where always the best dressed. And then in the night in the pub with the lads all dressed in the same style smart and casual.

Each picture my dad is dressed in suede shoes button down shirt parka smart pants neat hair cut an smart all over mod look.

Thanks to pretty green I’ve been able to adopt the mod look either by everday wear like shopping and the school run or even formal wear like weddings partys or days out with friends to carry on the mod style. As have my two sons lennon aged 6 and chay aged 3 who are young mods who wear there parkers on the play ground. Thanks from dean struth and sons and one dad who still to this day is as mod as a gs scooter and a green khaki parka live forever.”

By Dean Struth