SS16 Spotlight | The Tarbet Hooded Jacket

27 Jan 2016
A headline piece from our Spring Summer ‘London Mod’ collection, The Tarbet Hooded Jacket is a classic military style jacket crafted in a lightweight, cotton chambray cloth.

The large front pockets and drawstring adjustments give the jacket some added utility style detailing.

Chambray fabric is a fine, soft spun, lightweight but dense fabric. The fabric is created in a similar technique as denim but differentiates in the fact that Chambray is not a twill fabric making it a lot lighter in appearance and weight. This makes it a lot more comfortable for the wearer- and perfect for a breathable option in the spring weather.

The fabric is thought to have originated in the Northern City of Cambrai, France between 1595-1600s. Chambray then became a fabric staple for the workingman’s shirt in the early 20th century with the Chambray shirt being referred to as the ‘blue collar working shirt.’ It was then adopted by the US Navy in 1901 through to WW2, with the Chambray shirt being a headline piece of uniform for its durable yet soft and comfortable qualities.

The chambray shirt was then brought to the spotlight by stars of the golden screen such as Marlon Brando, James Dean and Steve Mcqueen, promoting the fabric for its tough, durable and relaxed nature and making the fabric a timeless classic.

The Madchester 90’s scene also saw the resurgence of Chambray. The ‘baggy’ fashion styling which often combined baggy jeans with oversized bright tshirts and jackets was a fashion style which emerged alongside the music scene.

The Chambray Tarbet Hooded jacket takes influence from this being an oversized, loose fit style. Combining this with the durability and comfort of the chambray fabric means that this is the perfect long lasting piece for any mans wardrobe, becoming better with wear and softening over time.