How To Wear Scarves

27 Feb 2016
Our Spring Summer scarves are an easy way to make your outfit look that little bit more considered. Add extra charm to your looks with a range of different designs to suit your personal style. Wear with a lightweight jacket or tonal, complimenting colours to complete the look.

Read our guide below and discover the perfect combination.


On The Run
Hold one end of the scarf to your neck and wrap the rest of the fabric round until there's enough left to tuck it into the top.
Old School Tie Knot
Place the scarf around your neck and pull so one length is slightly longer, fold over twice and pull through the top. Works well with a silk blend scarf.

Up And Over
Liam Gallagher's style; place the scarf equally around your neck, cross the ends over and pull one side up over the top. Boost staple outfits with this casual style.
Classic Rebel Twist
Hold the middle of the scarf in one hand and both ends in your other hand. Wrap the ends behind your neck and pull through the loop in your left hand for a classic twist.

Casual Wrap Around
Wrap around your neck once and with the ends tie a loose knot. Good for longer scarves. Job done.