Behind The Scenes: The Lexington Boot

15 Mar 2016
Our Lexington Suede Boot is handmade from a super soft Mossback Suede and natural Crepe sole and available in Black, Chocolate and Bone.

The shoe is hand crafted by skilled workers, passing through a number of processes. The crepe sole is formed into a sheet which is then wrapped around the shoe and stitched to hold in place. The construction is known as “Sidewall stitch” this method of shoe making has been used for close to 75 years.

Take a sneak peak behind the scenes at how these shoes are carefully put together.

The glue on the base of the upper is heated to activate the bond.

The glue on natural crepe sole is also heated and “spotted” to the upper.

The shoes and soles are left together to form a bond.

Shoes with the soles now bonded pass through a heat setter machine to heat the sole before the sole is “formed” to the correct shape.

The soles are formed to shape by hand and wrapped around the shape of the base of the last (shoe shape).

The shoes are once again placed into the heat setter to ensure the shoes are 100% formed to the shape of the shoe last to give a perfect crisp look.

The shoe can now be “slipped off” the last – this is the hand process of removing the last from inside of the shoe.

The soles are then sewn to the upper using a heavy duty sewing machine – great care being taken to ensure the stitch line is perfectly straight and smooth.

The finished shoes are all hand inspected, wrapped, packed and labeled ready for final carton packing.