Spring Summer ’16 Journey Of Paisley Campaign

3 Mar 2016
The love affair with Paisley in the 60's was sparked by The Beatles famous sojourn in India with the Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It was also prevalent amongst many rockstars in the late 60's absorbing the culture and spirituality of far flung places.

Paisley entered into popular culture as an aspect of the style known as psychedelia, a look synonomous with the effects of psychotopic drugs and as a result became a symbol of youthful anti-establishment rebellion.

For SS16 we present the "Journey of Paisley" collection, featuring a range of unique paisley designs in a colour palette of burnt orange, deep blues and greens. All over paisley shirts are worn with tonal silk paisley scarves and layered with lightweight jackets for a loose hippy style that brings the 60s into the modern day.

The Spring Summer ’16 campaign draws on experiences of rock and roll bands such as The Beatles and The Stones travelling to India, Marrakech and other cultural places in search of spirituality and retreat. This is seen through our campaign shoot set in the Moroccan desert and also through our campaign film which focuses on the role of the drummer away from distraction, with only himself and his drum kit in the desert, losing himself to the beat.