An Audience with Clint Boon Special Guest Biography: Peter Hook

17 Jan 2017

'An audience with Clint Boon in Conversation with Bez and Special Guests (TBA)' is a Q&A session and commemoration with influential figures in the Manchester music scene of the 80s and 90s, the launch of our new Spring/Summer collection and lastly a tip of the hat to Inspiral Carpets' drummer, Craig Gill, who sadly passed away last month.

We've written a quick biography for our next special guest, Peter Hook, just in case you somehow aren't familiar with him:

Legendary New Order and Joy Division bassist Peter Hook remains energetically devoted to music, rock and roll and good times, whether with his new band, The Light, DJ’ing throughout the globe with FAC 51 The Haçienda and as himself, or as an author, having now written books on both his experiences with The Haçienda and his bands, Joy Division and New Order.

His been-there, seen-more-than-it all thirty years in the business has seen Hooky bass playing saw him redefine the role and inspire countless young bassists across seminal classics such as “Love Will Tear Us Apart”, “Atmosphere”, “Ceremony”, “Thieves Like Us”, “Regret” and more. Also having been portrayed in two major films “24 Hour Party People” and “Control”, aside from this the influence of New Order, Joy Division, New Order and Factory Records continue to be name-checked by innumerable modern bands, such as The Killers, White Lies, The Enemy, The Chemical Brothers and Hot Chip.