An Audience with Clint Boon Special Guest Biography: Jane Taylor-Hayhurst

18 Jan 2017

'An audience with Clint Boon in Conversation with Bez and Special Guests (TBA)' is a Q&A session and commemoration with influential figures in the Manchester music scene of the 80s and 90s, the launch of our new Spring/Summer collection and lastly a tip of the hat to Inspiral Carpets' drummer, Craig Gill, who sadly passed away last month.

We've written a quick biography for our next special guest, Jane Taylor-Hayhurst, just in case you aren't familiar with her or her work:

Jane is a Stylist and Art Director and grew up in Liverpool. She has worked in the fashion industry since graduating university in London in 1996, and has worked with photographers including David Bailey, Rankin, Kevin Cummins, Greg Williams and Serge Leblon. As Fashion Editor of The Times Magazine, Senior Fashion Editor of Grazia and contributor to GQ, Esquire, and Vanity Fair amongst others, she has styled and collaborated with artists from many different fields, including Charlotte Rampling, Paul Weller, Pele, Debbie Harry, Bryan Ferry, Johnny Lee Miller, Mark Strong, Vicky McClure and Jane Birkin.