Pretty Green Presents : God On My Right

26 Jan 2017

An alternative electronia twosome appearing out of nowhere, yet with a delectably dark aesthetic nailed, something special’s on its way from God on my Right.

God on my Right track, “Not So Young” featured in our Spring '17 Campaign video, are an alternative / industrial duo from Liverpool. Combining synths, tapes, drum machines and guitars they create immersive pop tunes with a dark heart.

'Not so young' is the lead track taken from their forthcoming EP 'Swallow' which will be released on Deltasonic Records. It showcases the bands love of guitars, heavy synths and hypnotic melodies. The track touches on ideas of generational responsibility from the perspective of post-youth disillusionment.

A promising debut for this young duo means we’ll definitely be watching this space to see what’s next.

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