Pretty Green x Pete McKee

17 Mar 2017

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with talented artist Pete McKee creating a special range of hand printed pieces that will go on sale exclusively from McKee London on 1 April.

Pete McKee grew up in the city of Sheffield during the 1960’s and 70’s and this has been recognised to have played a key part in the inspiration of his work. His relationships, his childhood, his passion for music and his self-deprecating humour come together to create evocative images that have earned him a worldwide following.

Pete is pleased to announce details of a very limited range of clothing from Pretty Green which he has painted his artwork directly onto. McKee has chosen three items of clothing, a parka, military jacket and t-shirt which he has painted and screen printed. These unique designs will be the ultimate McKee collectors items with just a handful available.

“I have always been a fan of Pretty Green, their clothing reminds me a lot of the mod movement and culture around it. I have really experimented with these items of clothing and wanted to use methods I haven’t done before which are also reminiscent of how people used to customise their clothing in the 60’s and 70’s.” - Pete McKee

Only 20 T-Shirts, 10 Jackets and 5 Parkas will be available on 1 April at McKee London. These items range from £65 - £200 and are strictly limited to one per person.

McKee London
The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
E1 6QL