Pete McKee ‘This Class Works’ Exhibition

5 Mar 2018

Pete McKee has revealed details of new 2018 exhibition ‘This Class Works’, two years since his last show.

Different to anything McKee has done before, the exhibition will be a collaboration between Pete and fellow artists, filmmakers and photographers who share an affinity for the UK’s working class.

“I am delighted to be working with a range of other very talented, creative people in order to present this new exhibition which aims to re-address the unbalance that currently exists in media and society. Unbalance that seems to deride and tar the working class as lazy, selfish, needy, ignorant, intolerant, worthless and the cause of all societies problems.”

The exhibition will be on display from 14-29th July 2018 at 92 Burton Road, a huge warehouse space in Pete’s hometown of Sheffield.

Tickets can be purchased in person from Pete’s gallery a Month of Sundays in Sheffield or over the phone on 0114 263 1000. They are also available online from See Tickets.