Retro Sport: Down The Decades

3 Jun 2018

For years now casual sportswear has been the go-to staple in men’s fashion. And with good reason. For the ultimate relaxed, comfortable and sharp look it’s hard to beat a smart, zip through track top, a breezy, lightweight jacket and a beautifully cut polo. All teamed with some box fresh retro pumps, of course.

But where did this look start and what’s next? It’s time to climb inside the Pretty Green time machine for a whistle-stop tour.

Sportswear in fashion really kicked off in the 50s. Back then it was all about varsity jackets and loose fit bowling shirts. Heading into the 60s, the Mods adopted sporty polos and by the 70s the ‘terraces look’ was tumbling out of football stadiums and into gigs, nightclubs and high streets across the land.

In the 80s, hip hop culture went full tilt with its love for tracksuits and sweats, while the 90s saw Britpop remind men what was so special about the look in the first place.

So, where does that leave us now? Well, fast forward to today and the retro sportswear look is set to undergo a revival even bigger and stronger than in previous years. Get on it.