Autumn Winter 2018: Black Label Film

8 Aug 2018

British popular culture has always been founded on the idea of leaving a footprint in history for future generations. The post-punk/new wave era of ‘78-’82 was no different.

It’s this period that has provided the chief influence for our Black Label collection. As bands like Wire and Joy Division pioneered new sounds, the look of the time developed a darker edge to reflect the bleak surroundings.

The shocking aesthetic of the original punks subsided to reveal an affection for comfort combined with protest and quiet rebellion. Our Black Label collection pays homage to this with laddered loose fit jumpers, a stand out thick wool overcoat with bespoke patches, tartan, classic leather jackets and post-punk infused graphic tees.

Post-punk/new wave was about challenging the norm. This new generation were doing something striking, new and defiant. Our stand out metallic silver, hooded jacket echoes this spirit thanks to its bold colouring and sharp lines.