Sunglasses For Jaws release ‘Thantophobia’

14 Jan 2019

Introducing new music from Sunglasses For Jaws, a two-piece instrumental project with a unique and playful sound.

Jam packed with dark, twisted and infectious grooves, the new 15 track record ‘Thantophobia’ features Harpsichords, picked bass and breakbeat style drumming, topped with a hip hop twist.

Whilst ‘Thantophobia’ comes from the Latin words for fear of death, SFJ doesn’t tell such a morbid tale.

"Creating a comedic twist is important to what we do, as is having a lighthearted tone in a sound that can end up quite extravagant - there’s always a lot we want to explore.

Many of the vocal samples are from the film noir era and snips we’ve found along the way. We came across the term Vaudeville, a kind of Baroque entertainment in the 1700s without moral intentions and liked the phrase a lot, in terms of it capturing the mood we’re trying to create” - SFJ

The 15 track odyssey includes the romantic crooner sound of Bobby West (formerly of Liverpool’s Broken Men), instrumental from Joao Mello (saxophonist for David Gilmour) guitar from Shaun Patterson (Jamie T, Baxter Dury) and powerful echoes of Sonia Bernardo, the Portuguese-British singer - certainly one to keep an eye on.

"We started recording the album from our bat-cave studio in Bethnal Green back in the sweltering summer, so let’s hope the sun went to our heads in the best way. It’s been a wicked process that’s taken us right up to the end of 2018, featuring some of the most talented people we know” - SFJ

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