Behind The Scenes: New Season Paisley

16 Oct 2019

Back to the classics. This season we’ve created a brand new paisley developed from our original Pretty Green signature print.


To create our new paisley we went back to the start. We wanted to take inspiration from vintage paisleys, which meant a return to hand-drawing patterns rather than relying on digital tools.

An initial outline is sketched in pencil, this is an intricate line drawing which outlines the unique paisley pattern with the words ‘Pretty Green’ incorporated.

This is then retraced in a fine line pen to define the outline ready to be scanned.

The sketch is then scanned into a computer where the file is digitised and created into a repeat print that can be applied to the final garment.

Our new paisley is more detailed than its predecessor; full of intricacies and depth that can only come from some serious care and attention.

Expect to see the new navy and black print on polos, kaftan shirts and tees.