Behind The Scenes: The Nightshade Paisley

22 Apr 2019

The Pretty Green collections include a range of unique prints that have been designed in house, here at Pretty Green HQ.

For Spring Summer ‘19 we have produced the ‘Nightshade Paisley’ a reworked version of our unique, signature paisley.

The name ‘Nightshade Paisley’ is inspired by the plant ‘Deadly Nightshade.’ A plant that although extremely toxic, contains hallucinogenic qualities.

Historically, paisley patterns have derived from flowers. Having originally been called the ‘Buta’ or ‘Boteh’ meaning flower, the motif is similar to a single flowering plant.

The Nightshade Paisley is inspired by psychedelic prints that were prevelant in the 1960s and worn by the artists, bohemians and musicians of the time.

How the ‘Nightshade Paisley was designed:

The design process starts with an initial intricate hand- drawn sketch. This is then developed to work as a repeat pattern and to include “Pretty Green”

The hand sketch is then digitised, colour is added and the repeat is created.

Once print ready, the files are sent to our print house where its applied to the selected fabric base to complete the process to turn into a shirt, that we hope you will love to wear as much as we love designing.