Behind The Scenes: White Label Shoes

18 Aug 2019

Our limited edition White Label shoes are a range of luxury boots, made from a premium, double faced suede, sourced from Tuscany, Italy. Each shoe is individually handcrafted with a hand stitched sole made from fully natural 7mm crepe. The stitching of each pair of soles onto the upper suede takes 65 mins of hand stitching craftsmanship to apply.

In contrast to traditional methods of constructing a shoe by first setting the shape and then applying the sole, the White Label shoes have a totally unique style in that the sole is applied to the shoe prior to the shape being set. A developed method that has taken 3 years of refinement and precision.

Take a look at the behind the scenes making of this limited edition collection…

1. Locating the cutting knife ahead of cutting.

2. Cutting the leather upper quarters using a swing beam cutting machine

3. Preparing to cut the front of the shoe (the vamp)

4. Panel cutting on a smaller cutting machine

5. The parts of the shoe are then stitched together

6. The soles are then glued in position on the upper

7. The soles are then hand-stitched to the upper

8. The shoe last (mould) is then inserted into the shoe. The shoe last helps to keep the shape whilst it goes through the next processes.

9. The shoe, complete with the inserted last are then placed on a conveyer that passes through a heat setter machine. This heats the upper and last and helps form the shoe to the shape of the shoe last.

10. Delicate adjustments are then made to the shoe by skilled footwear specialists to ensure the shoe is straight and formed correctly to the shoe last.

11. The last is removed from the shoe and any small imperfections such as loose threads and minor marks are removed.

12. Laces are then added and tied. The shoes then receive a final top spray to give the finished surface a mild coating to prevent against water, grease and marks.

13. The shoes are then wrapped in wax paper and boxed up ready to be sold.