Tom Oxley Exhibition at Pretty Green Manchester

31 Aug 2022

Pretty Green Manchester hosts an exhibition of renowned music photographer Tom Oxley.

Pretty Green is delighted to host an exhibition of photographer Tom Oxley at our King St store in Manchester between 9th September and 6th October 2022.

Tom Oxley is a British photographer capturing predominantly music and pop-culture over the last couple of decades. He shoots portraiture, live work, advertising and video installations for national and international record labels, magazines and globally recognised brands.

“This is my first photographic print exhibition, and I genuinely couldn’t be more excited to work with Pretty Green, who have their own illustrious foundations intertwined with music. With a delightfully open brief, I’ve looked to get the proper balance in displaying images from the archive, right up until the present day. As a regular exhibition goer myself, you want to show previously unseen work, alongside the more recognised photographs.

When I started out shooting many years ago, in a place where access to musical talent wasn’t that easy (I just wanted to hang out with bands and DJ’s) I could never have dreamt that it would lead to shooting the talents of Amy Winehouse, The Prodigy, Jarvis Cocker and all the others. I look back on the work that has been shot, and it still amazes me to this day that you’re able to work with such musical legends, just because you have a little black box in your hands.”

– Tom Oxley

For his first print exhibition, Tom Oxley has personally re-examined his vast digital archive, and assembled a portfolio that is inclusive of early archival works to recently shot commissions. Pre-production visits to the store suggested a notable and remarkable ambience of the space, which has in turn partly shaped the final edit of all the works on display. Images were carefully chosen to complement one another by presenting some of the more recognisable works alongside previously unpublished shots to create a visual balance of photographic work, unique to Pretty Green, in Manchester.

The large-scale, digital contact sheets are a nod to past analogue editing techniques, where picture editors stood over lightboxes and desks, a Loupe in one hand, a Chinagraph pencil in the other, slowly marking potential options across all 36 mini-images on the sheet, to inform how the narrative of that roll of film can be told.

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