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Limited edition iron-on multi-pack of embroidered badges. Or go old-school and stitch them on.

  • Suitable for cotton based apparel ONLY
  • Not suitable for synthetic materials. i.e. silks, viscose, polyester, nylon, etc
  • Approx size of badges: H6.2 x W6.2cm

Instructions for use:

  1. Place badge down, underside facing upwards
  2. Place the item you would like to apply the badge to on top
  3. Check the badge is in the desired position
  4. Ensure that the reverse of the badge is touching the fabric
  5. With a domestic iron on a hot setting, press on top of the fabric/ garment, with the badge underneath (the fabric/garment should be sandwiched between the badge and iron)
  6. Press for approximately 25 seconds
  7. Wait until garment has cooled before wearing.
  • Product Code ASXG0403A253-MULTI
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