Keith Haring: From The Subways Of Manhattan To The Party People Of Manchester

3 Apr 2023

A name synonymous with one of the coolest eras for exciting new movements in art, music and fashion, Keith Haring was a trailblazing artist who has come to define the cultural melting pot that was 1980s New York.

When not making political statements in the NYC subways with his iconic chalk outline drawings, Keith could be found at the best clubs and venues the Big Apple had to offer. By day he also designed record covers for various bands and musicians.

Despite his untimely passing in 1990, Keith's vibrant and energetic form of pop art would go on to influence a whole new generation of artists and musicians through the nineties and beyond. Creating a legacy that would become a byword for good times (and even greater causes) that emerged from the subways of Manhattan to touch the lives of other significant movements around the world, including the party people of Manchester.

Given his artwork's powerful connection to music and fashion, Pretty Green have joined forces with the Keith Haring Studio to create a unique collaborative project. Featuring Keith Haring artworks, pieces from the capsule collection include a headline parka, overhead jackets, logo sweatshirt, oversized back print tees and a short sleeve shirt. All created in celebration of a genuinely groundbreaking artist whose mix of socially conscious imagery still reverberates around the world to this day.