Sunglasses For Jaws: In The Studio

14 Sep 2021

Sunglasses For Jaws are a band with experimentation and collaboration at their core. Their new studio HQ is filled with a range of instruments and the walls are adorned with portraits of their musical influences. Stepping through the front door is like entering a time portal, all velvet sofas, vintage pianos and antique tape machines. For analogue music fanatics, it’s almost a playground.

The band is made up of Oscar and Dave, two London-born friends turned band mates whose inspirations include ‘60s film soundtracks and ‘90s hip-hop. Friends of and collaborators with Pretty Green for several years, their creative ethos aligns with our core principles of self expression and authenticity.

Over the years, Sunglasses for Jaws have honed their craft in the studio in pursuit of authenticity. They’ve achieved this through their use of vintage recording equipment, unusual instruments (a harp made of glass, for example) and through extensive collaboration with outside musicians and singers - with a feeling of community and free expression.

Their creative approach is refreshing in a market saturated by the conveyor belt mainstream. For Sunglasses for Jaws, creating an album is as much about the journey of creation as it is the end result; something that speaks to us at Pretty Green in very much the same way as we develop our seasonal collections.

Be sure to listen to Sunglasses for Jaws most recent album “Everybody’s Made Of Bone”, recorded in upstate New York at Yoko Ono’s farm and produced by Charlotte Kemp-Muhl for Pony Recordings. Recording has already started on their next album, with a release due for the beginning of next year. We’re all ears.