The Who - Sending Sonic Shockwaves

19 Oct 2022

Rock and Roll legends and perennial Pretty Green favourites ‘The Who’ are a band whose uniquely British sound helped define the sound of the Sixties. Sending sonic shockwaves around the world and leaving a trail of smashed up guitars in their wake. Pre-empting the energy of punk by a good ten years, The Who’s early records dealt with alienation, uncertainty, and frustration via a thrilling combination of streetwise lyrics, brutal power chords and furious feedback from guitarist-songwriter Pete Townshend. All backed by the explosive energy of drummer Keith Moon and bassist John Entwistle with the incredible vocal delivery of singer Roger Daltrey.

Going completely against the ‘peace & love’ sentiments of their musical contemporaries, The Who expressed their anger and frustration in the form of classic hits such as ’I Can’t Explain’, ’My Generation’ and ’Substitute’. Gaining global success they continued to take risks and push boundaries. Exploring other artistic avenues and creating additional pop culture landmarks such as the psychedelic musical 'Tommy' and the cult coming-of-age film 'Quadrophenia'. Setting a musical and artistic template that would go on to inspire generation after generation of iconic bands, including everyone from U2 to Liam Gallagher.

As if that legacy were not enough, the uncompromising London quartet also cultivated a Pop art image in line with their fashion-obsessed mod subculture fanbase that has never really gone away. Creating a timeless look that included striped blazers, military parkas, polo necks, sweaters and paisley prints. All of which were adopted by the mod youth of the mid Sixties and late Seventies as well as the Nineties Britpop movement and beyond.

We are incredibly pleased to announce our collaboration with The Who this season. Inspired by the band and their stylish fans, the collection includes Mod classics such as a customised fishtail parka and a striped blazer, alongside pieces that feature target motif graphics and a limited edition paisley.